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March 29, 2009

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March 29, 2009

Welcome. I corrected some bad links. Please visit my Business Site to see the Videos and DVD's I have available for sale. You can click on the DVD links to see a short preview movie of the DVD.

NEW DVD. Europe, Trains-n-Trams. A wonderful colletion of Trains, Trams and Subways from my recent trip to Poland, Czech Rapublic, Hungary and Munich. Click here for more information.

China Highlights Travel Offers CUSTOM trips to all over China, and Yangtze River Cruise since 1959

China Corner The china corner dedicates to promote traditional chinese culture. and its history,travel info,language,music,arts&craft.

I am now using Photoshop Elements, a smaller version of the full Photoshop. Now version 3 includes a wonderful organizer so I can organize and tag all my photos. It will even let me create a slide show.

All the links are on the left sidebar. I have checked them, but if you find any that don't work, please email me. There are links to Home Pages of everyone I deal with. You can visit these sites for more information. Below these are Other Links I have found of interest and I hope you will to. Under the Model Railroading links I have included some interesting sites. One in particular, TEE Publishing is a very good company to deal with. They publish magazines on scale models and have many books for sale on the subject of small scale steam and modeling. I have purchased from them before. 

The photos on this page depict my work and some of my hobbies. Please visit the rest of my site. Feel free to download some of the midi files for your own enjoyment. I am always happy to receive email with your comments and suggestions.



Visa Express

After seeing my China pages, now maybe you want to visit China? Don't live close to a Chinese Consulate to get your visa? Try Visa Express. US Passport Service & International Visas. New US passport application, passport renewal, passport amendment and visas to China, India, Brazil and other countries.

Of course you'll need a Chinese name!
Your name in Chinese symbols

Mail Washer!

Don't you just hate opening your POP-3 email and seeing 10, 20, 30 or more pure spam messages? And then you click on one in Outlook Expres and it shows up in the view pane below. Could be a virus or some malicious code! Then you have to highlight it to delete it. What a pain going through all this. I don't even want to see what's in the message. I wish I could bounce the thing right back to them and just get rid of them all! Well now you can! I found a FREE program what will let you see the header without downloading the email from the server. I can Blacklist and BOUNCE that email right back to them without ever opening my Outlook Express. Mail Washer. Read about it! Get it! It's "Peace-of-mind" software! And there's no spyware hidden inside the program either!

Virus Hoaxes

There are two sites that I know of that have extensive information about these recent virus hoaxes and internet chain letters. If you've ever received an email message warning of a virus and a request to pass it on, please, PLEASE, check these two sites before passing it on. It could be a hoax and just designed to clutter up the net with an excessive amount of email. Understanding Virus Risks site, Explains about the various viruses.

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